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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Poll Watching Molly Barrow Relationships Self Help

Member of Planet Earth

Whether you realize it or not, you also have quite a large relationship with the Planet, the world in which we all live and love. How you act in this unique relationship has a small perhaps, but still important impact on the lives of our children and grandchildren for generations. Do you fulfill certain societal obligations to clean up your own messes in your yard or factory, to share with others, and to notice when a part of your world around you is hurting and become a Skyline coming in do what you can to help? Or, on the other hand, are do you act like a Bottomline in your relationship to Earth and her inhabitants?
What is your relationship with your country? Do you see only its good qualities and look the other way when it misbehaves, ignoring its faults, creating an undisciplined, spoiled child of a nation? Or do you insist that constitutional laws are followed.
What is your relationship with your own neighborhood? Do you hope that when you are old and perhaps alone that some kind neighbor stops by for a chat? If so, then have you ever done that for the elderly, or for the handicapped, or that kid that got in trouble down the street?
Did you list any of the following items as your personal goals or values?

· Your Health
· Your Family's Health
· Your Children as a Priority
· Peace of Mind
· Safety
· Clean World, Food, and Water
· Honesty and Integrity
· Sacrificing now for the a peaceful, secure future, or living only for today, or worrying about what the neighbors will say

Think of each of these virtues in the big picture, from a global perspective right down to your own neighborhood. How do you choose to apply a global perspective to your everyday actions? Has our world ever been so interconnected or dependant on each other's behavior? What relationship do you want our world leaders to have with each other-a healthy assertive and balanced relationship or an abusive aggressive hate-creating one?
On November 7th I will be a poll watcher for seven hours. My job is to make sure there are no disenfranchised voters or election laws ignored. I will be there helping to protect the rights of all voters. Will you be there to vote?


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