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Saturday, October 14, 2006

GAY DOES NOT MEAN PEDOPHILIA Dr Molly Barrow author of Matchlines

GAY DOES NOT MEAN PEDOPHILIA DrMollyBarrow@blogspot.com

Author of Matchlines: Many speakers insist on using the words gay and pedophile interchangeably. Isn't this a stark insult to confuse the minority who are in relationships with other consenting adults of the same gender with people who are attracted to children or worse, criminals who hurt children. The selfish preying on children with total disregard for the welfare of the child helps to distinguish criminal behavior. Our society must take a stand to never allow crimes against children to be justified or rationalized away. Sexual abuse behavior is often passed down generation to generation without intervention. The root cause may be mental illness, shame, violence, anger, revenge, or anxiety. The sadistic dominance of the adult corrodes the victim's childhood and can destroy their quality of life. A child learns to be a man or woman in stages and may appear to be ready physically for sexual experience, but emotional and mentally, they are still children. The adult must be the gatekeeper. Children do not understand the repercussions of flirting or adult interactions. The younger the child, the more horrifying the adult's behavior. No excuse can be tolerated for the pedophile, whether the perpetrator is straight or gay, male or a beautiful blond female, a Senator or a relative, or someone who believes their abuse helped or was encouraged by the child. Do you remember how frightening it was to anger, question or talk back to adults when you were young? If an adult uses their power and influence to sadistically manipulate the malleable child, what is sufficient punishment? There are neighborhood lists, laws, incarceration and neutering programs for the perpetrator. Nothing can replace innocence lost. What would an eye for an eye be for a pedophile? How to protect your child? Perhaps responsible adults could parent with Universal Precautions for Children. Never place children in potential harms way with someone not yet proven trustworthy. Parents and supervisors, err on the side of being too careful. Most importantly, educate even very young children about "wolves in sheeps clothing."


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