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Friday, November 03, 2006

Child Whisperer and Camp Dr. Molly Barrow Matchlines Relationship Self Help

A child who has been a victim of abuse at home or bullying at school is compromised in their ability to defend themselves and is vulnerable to assuming the victim role in the microcosm of camp. Ask the camp about policies regarding bullying, name calling, and ganging up on other campers. Do they insist everyone gets to play or do they contribute to life long low self-esteem by favoring the best players as school and league organizations do? The best way to protect your child is to arm them with information and education about sexual predators and what is abusive behavior. Hazing, rough housing and just kidding are the masks sadistic people wear. Should the victim protest, then they incur ridicule for not being able to take it. Check out your own definition of a man, and ask yourself if you allow others to abuse your son just to toughen him up and keep him from being a “sissy.” Girls use verbal abuse more often than physical abuse but the blow feels the same. Make sure your child knows that you will believe them and support them if he or she reports abuse of any kind to you. That is an important part of your job as a parent and it takes the skills of a Child Whisperer. Kids are so conflicted about sex and usually assume they are guilty and at fault regarding any sexual behavior. They may not tell you someone is being sexual; they just insist they do not like that person. Listen carefully for the tiny clues a child offers you and believe them.


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