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Monday, October 30, 2006

Good Parenting Dr Molly Barrow Matchlines Relationships and Self Help

Less is often more when it comes to good parenting, especially regarding correcting and discipline. A child had stages of development that are fixed and occur at predictable ages. A parent who respects a child's limits will find more joy in parenting. If a parent is ignorant of the developmental stages, they may make irreversible mistakes in their parenting. As a foolish parent struggles to correct a child or to teach a skill beyond the child's developmental level, the child will becomes frustrated and shamed. If the parent loses their temper and over corrects or punishes a child for behavior that is currently impossible for the child to perform, the parent only succeeds in creating an anxious child with low self esteem. Parents often ask a therapist to help the child recover from bad parenting, however, the recovery from poor self esteem and shame may be impossible to repair. Developmental stages of child rearing and good parenting skills should be mandatory education for all high school students and prospective parents. Before you babysit or attempt to parent take the time to educate yourself about the stages of development of children and be sure that your child's caretakers do the same.


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