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Thursday, September 28, 2006

One America One World Dr. Molly Barrow Asks For Political Healing author of Matchlines Relationship Self Help

The stakes are too high and it is time to find common ground from a global view. What makes all people the same far outweighs the differences. What if we began to communicate, and thus problem solve, rather than force others to share our every thought? What would happen if we reach out to people with differing opinions and listen calmly? Maybe our goals are the same and you will find that the means to achieve the goals are unique, not wrong. I hear our presidents, past and present, speak of killing and torturing our enemies. I always believed that Americans brought people to trial with a judge and jury. Yet, just whom is in control of America and has the real power? American citizens. You. Me. That means we are also responsible for what America does to our children, to our neighbors and to the planet. What is your personal explanation or excuse going to be to your higher power for your part in the current situation? I do not think that is going to be a good moment as we try to justify innocent murder, torture and starvation. We could begin by acknowledging that other people are probably doing their best right now. Then, let's move forward and all do better.


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