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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Old Friends New Fun Dr. Molly Barrow author of Matchlines - Relationship Self Help

Millissa approached me at my latest talk/book signing at the Carrolwood Barnes and Noble in Tampa. The last time I saw Missy was on the top of the Swiss Alps the afternoon of my Leysin American School high school graduation. In a handful of moments we were best friends again. We recapitulated several, O.K. many, decades of relationships, health calamities and unfulfilled dreams. Why didn't I make the small effort to stay in touch, I wondered? So many times over the years I longed for a close girlfriend of grace and strength. Yet, with friends comes the obligation of being there for them in their times of trouble and celebration. With some friends that is too much time and energy taken away from needy family members. But Missy always gave more than she asked for in return. I will make an effort to see her again. Perhaps you have a lost friend from long ago. Take a chance and reconnect. If you decide not to continue the relationship you can disengage later. Just maybe, a great relationship with an old friend may be around the corner. You have to take the first step to find them. Google their name. Connect with your high school and college alumni association. Plan a reunion. When you locate a classmate ask if they are still in contact with others. Soon you will have a network of people who knew you when and are happy to remind you of times that you have forgotten. Missy asked me if I remembered all the senior girls telling each other what our best features were. "Your lips," she recalled. Well, it's worked for Angelina!


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