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Friday, September 22, 2006


What to do when you've been disillusioned by or even betrayed by your boss. What is the psychology behind this? How do you react, why does this happen and what can you do about it?

Expectations in all relationships involve filling in the blanks with assumptions and fantasy. If someone is nice to us and smiles briefly we assume that they are a nice person. Sadly, we are often naive to the wooly white coat people wear when they need you or wish to take advantage of you. The interior wolfish personality is often well hidden the higher that a person ascends corporate and political ladders. In order to run a huge stressful corporation, medical practice or political campaign, niceties often fall behind expediency. The end justifies the means may feel like truck tire marks on your hard working back. First, separate personal attacks from general demands for Herculean efforts. State your limits. If you can not tolerate being sworn at, touched or yelled at in the heat of work battles then you must state your limits and be loud and be clear. Know before committing to a position that the boss usually hires like- minds and like-morals, meaning the rude customer service person probably has a rude boss. A trickle down effect of respect or the lack of it is evident in all work places. If you find you are surrounded by people you do not respect or like, your level of stress is increased in simply trying to perform your job with your co-workers. Your health may be impacted by that little anxiety knot in your stomach. If you can not find a supervisor who can help you right a wrong, call a head hunter for a new job. You often spend more time with your work family than your real family, so you have a right to enjoy your work day.


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