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Tuesday, September 19, 2006


This generation of parents, who experience increased responsibilities for their aging parents while their children remain at home longer, have less and less time for themselves or their marriage. As each overfilled and stressful demand on your time eats up day after day of your dwindling primetime, bottled up feelings of resentment can make family dynamics turn explosive. Here are some tips to cool down, slow down and prioritize. To begin to prioritize a jammed filled schedule you must take a through assessment of your dreams and goals. Think about when you are a spry ninety-nine year old rocking on your front porch. Can you visualize that? Ask yourself what you want your life to have meant to you and others. What will they say about you at your funeral? What do you think is important to succeed at in your lifetime? Is it only about avoiding sin? Is it about giving to others and sacrificing you? Are you to experience as much as possible, or are you to take all that you can? Questions like these help you to define yourself. Once you have how you would like to end up we can look at where you are now and begin to see the direction you must take to become who you want to be. Have you had broken dreams? Were you once a champion darts player but hurt your arm? Do you carry bitterness in your heart because you had a plan and it failed? When you see the football player running for a touchdown, the route is rarely a straight line. Rather a long run involves twists and spins, leaping over your own team member, bouncing and ricocheting over the competition, rolling and sliding, zigzagging to the goal line. We are on our feet cheering and waving the ball carrier to victory enjoying and laughing at every near miss and escape from defeat. How you get to your life satisfaction is fraught with difficulties and many changes in direction forced upon you. If you have it in your mind that success can only have one facet then life will be despair. If you can instead see yourself having a more generalized life goal of health prosperity, happiness and love then how you accomplish that goal becomes more creative and multifaceted means to your end goals are possible. http://askdrmolly.com/


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