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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Ban Live Animal Testing Relationship Expert Author Dr. Molly Barrow

Do you cringe when you think about product and medical testing on animals? Now you can do something about encouraging medical institutions to choose "enlightened educational and ethical advantages of non-animal alternatives. PCRM (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine) has reduced the number of medical schools using live animals in student courses beyond basic research in the US to thirteen out of 125 schools. Only five medical schools use live animals to teach surgery, Stony Brook, John Hopkins, Tennessee, Case Western Reserve and Uniformed Services."(Great Awakenings August 8, 2007)

Add your name to the list of citizens that care about the caged victims by clicking here http://www.pcrm.org The site is not sensational or gross so put in your opinion and help some furry innocents. They provide you with a list of email addresses and you can request the end of cruelty. I just did it. As much as I love the advances of medical research my Uncle, Dr. James Welch told me about the multiple surgeries performed on dogs in his medical school when I was young and the thought of it disturbed me terribly then and now. It felt great doing something about it by emailing the schools. Many small ripples can make great waves.


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