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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Low self Esteem? Your job to fix it. Relationship expert Dr. Molly Barrow

Low self esteem in a relationship can make interaction with a partner become skewed and so out of balance that you drive your partner nuts, so annoyed and frustrated that they lose control, become verbally abusive, violent or simply walk out the door. How can that be? You are the one who is hurting inside and yet your partner gets mad at you, and hurts your feeling even more. Think of this scenario. Your partner is ready to take a long walk for exercise, you want to come along but after about a few yards you sit down on the ground announcing that you can go no farther, you are afraid and can not walk well enough. If your partner adores you they will volunteer to carry you - for awhile. But then you get heavy and become a burden, even ruining the good time your partner had imagined. Low self esteem is a result of poor parenting, abuse, neglect or depreciating self talk. Your low self esteem is maybe not your fault. In a relationship you are obligated to learn how to walk well with your partner without emotional melt downs. Are you throwing in the towel because you predict that you will probably fail anyway? Watch for my new download on self esteem on http://www.drmollybarrow.com and get the help and teaching products you and your partner need to walk off into the sunset together.


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