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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Plant a Jatropha Tree. Dr. Molly Barrow, Relationship Expert

There is an outdoor seating area at Food and Thought, the 100% organic food restaurant where I frequently eat lunch. The hot Florida sun is reduced to tiny flickering lights by the densely planted Jatropha trees that keep the area cool and protected. With their light trunks and lime leaves they remind me of a beech tree. The tiny flowers fall like rain on the ground below and are now just swept away but is their "gold in them-their seeds?" Already a staple in India and other countries the Jatropha can produce a thousand gallons of bio diesel fuel and remove four metric tons of carbon dioxide from the air for each acre of trees (Naples Daily News,7/11/2007). Turning the tree into a national renewable fuel source is brilliant thinking and needs your support. Plant one today.


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