Barringer Publishing is proud to announce the launching of "Bluff City Butcher" - A remarkable mystery thriller, with a unique twist, written by an exciting and intriguing author,Steve Bradshaw, a former forensic investigator, smartly leads you into a maze of terror and treachery.
"A Must Read for all fans of the mystery genre" -
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Steve Bradshaw-author.

Forensic pathologist Elliott Sumner learns the connection between himself and a prolific serial killer holds a secret to
life.One that people will kill for. The Bluff City Butcher steps from the fog of Memphis
urban legend to throw a Midsouth community into unbridled terror that captivates the country and introduces
unimaginable consequences for the world. A billionaire family patriarch, a premier biotechnology
entrepreneur, and a world renowned forensic pathologist discover they are inextricably linked to a real monster.
Their lives of great privilege and rare gifts are defined by weaknesses of the heart until paths converge and each
finds what has been missing.