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Monday, May 15, 2006

Author Amada asks Relationship Expert and Television Guest Dr. Molly Barrow to review Anker's Plight

A delight to read, Anker’s Plight quicksteps through one psychologist’s career mishaps, at last answering the haunting question, ”What is my therapist really thinking?” Author Gerald Amada, Ph.D., paints boldly with language and metaphor -- “politically quartered by the jaws of a slaughterous pincers… of the County Board of Supervisors.” -- saturated images that will linger and make you chuckle out loud. You will squirm with satisfaction as our sharp-witted protagonist, Dr. Anker, pricks the pompous airbags who have risen to the top of the educational hierarchy, promoted several times over beyond their incompetence. Dr. Anker’s wisdom and principles create conflict with everyone he meets. Anker rebels against rigid authority, ignorance, and himself, yet remains a therapist’s therapist. How true for me are his words, “…with a deep conviction that he believed he had learned more about the essence of psychotherapy and human psychology from his own patients than from any other source.” Enjoy this high humor look at the demented world of burned-out counselors, sadistic administrators, and gutless medical providers, and the survival of the ones entrusted to their care. Enjoy!
Molly Barrow, Ph.D.
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