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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Matchlines gives the best relationship advice Dr. Barrow has to offer. Matchlines is now available on line at www. askdrmolly.com, Amazon.com, booksamillion.com, borders.com and at Barnes and Noble bookstore.

Have you ever wondered...

Why my love relationship often hurts so much and how to make it stop? Why am I left alone after giving so much and trying so hard? Why did my partner/spouse cheat on me? Why does my heart end up broken again and again? How can I repair my self-esteem? Who is really right for me--and how will I know?

Knowing your Matchline empowers you to find the match that's right for you! Whether you are in an existing relationship that needs improving, or are looking for the life-partner who will finally meet your needs, let Dr. Molly help you understand the secret of your Matchline.

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