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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Responses to Dr. Molly Articles

If you have a comment about one of my articles please send it to drmolly@askdrmolly.com. Here are a few recent comments.

Boy, low self-esteem abounds in our society - great article!

Liz D.

So true, thanks!
Bill H.

Good going, Molly,

Nudity is my burka. I'm a free sole.

LOVE THIS!!!! So very true...

Dear Molly,

This is one of the very best articles you have written -- thoughtful, insightful and gently challenging our self-righteous views of "us" and "them." We humans are one species. Over the past 30 or so years, covering remote cultures and creatures for NatGeo, WCS and others, I have lived with a variety of people in their villages and on their terms, so of course, I have learned to adjust, to be tolerant and compassionate. I loved your turning the mirror onto ourselves, our own self-serving definitions of power. Gender stereotypes can often be turned upside down, too . . . Look at the Tuareg men making up their faces and dancing for brides at their desert gathering. Illustrations are boundless.

Keep up your gentle, tolerant and compassionate prodding of our beliefs.


PS When I read your article I was dressed in a plain cotton sundress, shoes and knickers -- exposed and vulnerable but no less powerful, feminine, capable and intelligent.
Thanks again



Ban the burkas and bring on the bikinis!




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