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Monday, May 14, 2007

Want to marry a richest man? Dr. Molly Barrow Relationship expert author

When selecting a man for your lifetime partner, if you were asked to chose between a rich man and a hard working poor one who would you choose? Women have often sought protection, security and companionship from their mate, especially when considering children. However, let me rephrase the criteria when looking for a rich man. I have counseled millionaires and billionaires, sports stars and businessmen. They drove Bentley's and exotic sports cars. Some lacked basic skills of love so severely that their wives and children wasted away in neglect. Although the men could see that their families were troubled they lacked the interpersonal skills to reach out to help them. Other rich men had developed a poverty mentality that made them question, angrily scold and micro manage every purchase decision their spouse made. These people had material possessions but they were poor in happiness, generosity and warmth.

Consider judging a rich man on the following:
Laughter: Does he laugh with you freely and with good humor, not needing to make someone a victim of his jokes?
Flexibility: When you plan a picnic and it rains can he still have fun having the picnic on the living room floor, or is he angry at the weather that spoiled his plans?
Determined: Can he take disappointment and quickly let go of the pain, then choose an alternative plan and keep on going?
Coping Skills: When life hits him hard, does he turn to addictions or does he work harder to make things right again?
Considerate: Can he put the needs of someone else before his own?
Solvent: Does he pay his bills and live within his means no matter how high or low?
Loyal: Is he satisfied with you or does he need more than one partner?
Maturity: Can he be a gentle and loving role model to your children, or is he a child himself?
Spirituality: Does he believe the good he does will be counted, as will his sins and does he have enough self respect that he does not allow himself to be a liar,cheat,thief or violent human being?

Although a man may be paid a low hourly fee for his life work, if he has these qualities and more than he is the "richest" man and life shared with him will be filled with rewarding and pleasant days.


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