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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Moms Dream Dreams Too by Relationship expert author Dr. Molly Barrow


Happy Mother's Day. When the brunch is over, the flowers are in water and the cards displayed, take one more moment to ask your Mom, "What were your dreams?" It is easy to forget that under her mother's uniform is a young girl with dreams and aspirations. After a lifetime of service to people she cares for and loves, perhaps, she needs to be reminded of her lofty thoughts that she had in her teens. Who was she dreaming she might become before she hit that glass ceiling.

Freedoms that many now take for granted were unheard of in previous generations. Choices exist now to marry or not, have children with a husband or not, be a career woman and mother or be business all the way. There were no sports scholarships, no women's programs, no equal opportunity to become somebody. "I coulda been a contender," spoken by Marlon Brando describes the missed opportunities of talented women who prioritized their children before their dreams. And for me it was the right decision.

But I suspect Mom may enjoy a moment to dream her dreams again. Just ask her, "Mom, what were your dreams when you were 19?" Thank her for the clean clothes, meals and unconditional love, of course. However, let her know that you know she gave more than just time and energy to raise a child. She gave up some personal dreams and who she might have been. Hug her and thank her for that, too.


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