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Friday, May 11, 2007

Adoption of a pet is a Responsibility. Relationship Expert Author Dr. Molly Barrow

Camille Christie with Louise. UK Marie Claire October.'06

Many studies have shown that people thrive from the companionship of a pet, particularly the elderly. But their is a serious side to the adoption of a pet. The following requirements are from an adoption center in North Carolina. Http://www.bfpa.org lists the following criteria before they will even consider taking your $150.00 and allowing you to adopt.

Dog Adoption Requirements

You must be at least 21 years old
You must live in North Carolina, preferably within a 30-mile radius of the Triangle area (Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill)
You may not be a student or member of the military
You must be willing to make a ten- to twenty-year commitment to the dog
You must agree that your new dog will be primarily an indoor companion
You will provide good veterinarian care (dog will be kept current on all vaccinations, have an annual wellness exam, be kept on monthly heartworm preventative and emergency care if needed)
You must have a secure fenced yard or be committed to multiple daily leash walks in all kinds of weather (snow, heat, ice, pouring rain, etc.)
Any children in the home must be over the age of 5, unless there is another dog in the home and the toddler knows how to respect a dog's space
All current pets in your household must be sterilized, current on all shots and primarily indoor companions

If you meet the above criteria and can agree to all our requirements, then you are ready to meet our dogs and puppies. Please click on "Adoptable Dogs and Puppies". (From the http://www.bfpa.org site)

Strict rules that may go against some vet's recommendations made recently about vacinations doing harm to some pets. Check with your vet about alternatives and read the latest reports before you vacinate.
Other large adoption sites are www.petfinder.com and http://www.1-800-save-a-pet.com with thousands of choices. Some caution is necessary as all pet lovers fear for the animals welfare once they are adopted. If you are considering a pet adoption now, be sure the young children or the elderly recipient is prepared and capable of taking responsibility for the daily care of an animal. With that said, if there is room in your heart and home for a wonderful experience of protection, adoration and humor, please adopt a pet from a shelter, save their life and enrich your own.


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