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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Troubled teenagers disrupt homelife. Relationship expert Dr. Molly Barrow author of Matchlines

Teenagers can become so adversarial that their antics can completely disrupt your home life. In middle school and the first year of high school a teenager often aligns themselves with a particular group. The group is meaning less once the child graduates high school and moves on with their life in college or business. However, for most teens the peer group rules supreme with a loud influential voice and unfortunately, parental influence fails to a mere whisper. Most parents survive the often traumatic and depressing behavior of their once adorable toddler who has seemingly overnight turned into a snarling, hateful and selfish young adult. Try to remember it is just a costume that your child is wearing. High school is often dangerous and threatening for kids and a tough exterior may be necessary. If you have experienced multiple losses, a job loss, a divorce or the death of a parent you may need to consider a structured boarding school for a volatile destructive teenager, especially if illegal behavior is surfacing. Teenagers recover their senses in their early twenties and laugh about what they did. Although it may not seem funny to you now, it is a passing phase.


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