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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Carradine, Hemingway, Sunday and Dr. Molly Barrow in film My Suicide

New teen film My Suicide starring Gabriel Sunday and Brooke Nevin and edited by young filmmaker Jordan Miller, Sunday, and veteran Tony Randel calls for additional footage of Dr. Molly Barrow, who plays herself, a psychological expert.

My Suicide marks the theatrical feature leading man debut of an extraordinary young man - Gabriel Sunday (Now You See It) of Petaluma, California – who at 20 was already an experienced actor, stand-up comic, gifted impressionist, world-class magician and experienced filmmaker. It is Sunday who becomes Archie Williams. Director David Miller credits Sunday with helping get the independent production financed and moving. “Before my writing partner Eric J. Adams introduced us to Gabe,” he explains, “we really didn’t know if the concept would work. We were looking for a teenager who is a filmmaker, stand-up comic, impressionist, plus a dramatic, comic and physical actor. It was impossible casting until we discovered Gabriel Sunday in Petaluma. This kid has it all and everybody who meets him sees it. He’s the next Robin Williams.” (Regenerate.org website)

Sunday will be a mega star. Fame is a crushing burden for some child stars and many ruin their careers with drugs and alcohol. But Gabe Sunday has two terrific parents and a gentle kindness that will sustain him when reality begins to get distorted by adoring fans. Sunday balances his on-camera madness with shrewd and calculated talent in editing and story telling that, along with the innovative editing of filmmaker Jordan Miller, writing of David Miller and Eric Adams and great cinematography by Lisa Wiegand, creates an unforgettable film for teens worldwide. And, if the original Sundance group of creators have their way, My Suicide will put the brakes on teen suicide for young people everywhere.
Full cast and crew:http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0492896/fullcredits#cast


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