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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

POWERFUL PEACE Dr. Molly Barrow author of Matchlines

A political snag of the worst kind challenges America. A complete breakdown of our government’s oversight system may have occurred. Apparently, if a criminal, incompetent or lunatic managed to take control of the White House and start a fight using our children for weapons and targets, no one in government would have the power or the courage to stop him or her. Must all politicians act the same by offering promises that become meaningless once elected? Perhaps, incredibly, war is more attractive than peace for some people. Certainly, millions of citizens entertain themselves by voting on television game shows while soldiers face horrors for us every day and every night.

In an attempt to right the wrongs, the American people patiently elected new politicians, many who are female, who advocated new directions and a new way to end the slaughter. However, succinctly spoken by the Vice President, “They (you and me) can not stop us (the administration).” Does that mean that instead of representing the voice of the majority, our Senate and House will passively endorse this mess because we are already there? Can no one think of a sane alternative to hand-to-hand combat and killing for two years or two decades? Have several hundred thousand deaths succeeded in only creating more, not less, enemies and terrorists? There must be an American smart enough to run this country morally and efficiently.

What could make America a friend rather than a foe to her enemies? One day we will find peace with Iraq, South Korea and Iran and other future conflicts as well, just as we have with past hated enemies like England, Japan and Germany. Is it possible to start on that road sooner than later? Irreplaceable lives depend on someone leading us to powerful peace. Someone who knows that the bravest course of action is creating peace, not war.


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