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Sunday, March 25, 2007

MATCHLINES MEASUREMENT OF LOVE Dr. Molly Barrow Relationships Self Help

Matchlines is a book that teaches how to balance the differences in a relationship. First, we measure how much capacity to give and receive love that an individual brings to a relationship. Then, we determine who has been damaged or constricted by addictions and abuse to adjust the length of each Love-line. Most importantly, we measure the difference between the length of the two partner's lines called the Love-line Gap. Once you have analyzed your own heritage and experience, you can determine your base Love-line and make strong conclusions with your new found self-knowledge.

How long can Love-lines be? There is no set Love-line dimension to try to achieve because the effect of your Love-line length only matters in relation to your companion’s Love-line length. The amount of Love-line Gap is all that is relevant.

After you analyze your partner’s Love-line, you will discover who is longer, both overall and in specific areas, and that is the secret to knowing how to treat your partner in a healthy, successful relationship. For more help with your relationship study the test in my book Matchlines to discover how to adjust your relationship and help to reveal the length of your Line and your partner's.


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