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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Barnes and Noble Reviews Matchlines Relationship Author/Television Radio Guest Dr. Molly Barrow Book Is Five Stars

Number of Reviews: 15 Average Rating:*****
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Foster, A reviewer, June 25, 2006,
A fresh and helpful perspective
With her exceptionally well-expressed and original ideas, the author offers amazing insight and understanding of relationship dynamics. How you view and assess relationships will be changed forever! Anyone experiencing relationship turmoil as well as all relationship counselors will benefit from reading and hanging on to this book.

Paul (slaterslats@aol.com), A reviewer, June 25, 2006,
A Direct and Informative Book on Relationships
Molly Barrow's new publication sheds a good deal of light on marriage and commitment. It is a must read and an important reference for those who want to be refreshed as to why they got married in the first place.

A reviewer, July 2, 2006,
Highly recommended!!!!
I am looking for a wife. Matchlines taught me that I was looking in the wrong places and at the wrong type of person. Now I know what I need to make me happy. I recommend this book highly.

debbie SW Florida, I own a wellness spa, June 19, 2006,
got me a husband
debbie This book helped me find the most wonderfull and kindest man I have ever met. I had to look on the inside for a long love line and Dr Molly book showed me how to find him. Now I am married to him.
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David E, a published author., June 19, 2006,
Tremendous Help
The author takes the complicated subject of relationships and makes it understandable.

A reviewer, the husband of a psychotherapist, June 18, 2006,
Right to the heart secrets of relationships
I've been married for 17 years and know a few things about relationships (being in a pretty good one) but then I read a pre-release copy of Dr. Molly's Matchlines, and holy cow, did I learn a lot. Revealing, insightful, and surprisingly accurate, the book gave me new ways of looking at all my relationships past and present. It showed me what I'm going right and wrong and suggestions for improvement. I can see the benefits in my relationship with my wife -- fun, new, and at times painfully honest, but all welcome. Good book.

A reviewer, June 19, 2006,
Molly Barrow has spent the last twenty years as one of Florida's busiest relationship therapists. She knows her stuff and she pours a great deal of extremely useful information and insight into her new book, Matchlines, which will do for relationships what Betty Crocker does for cake mix. Molly is a very spiritual person and her ideas and observations are not a bunch of scientific thought and charts and graphs. Matchlines offers up a very humanistic response to finding love in all the right places and I believe that she would put on a far more interesting show than Dr. Phil and Oprah. I was excited to read her book because of her reputation in the southeast and I wasn't in the least bit disappointed. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is trying to get their love life back on track. Steve Rubin Motion Picture Producer Los Angeles

Nicholas Petrucci, Portrait Artist, June 20, 2006,
A Return To Real Love
The innocence and purity of love has once again entered my life. It is not possible to share how many times I had been with the wrong person. Beauty is candy for the eye but more often than not, a charade for the heart. It was a pleasure to follow this author’s advice and in the end receive the gift of happiness.

Connie Bransilver, A reviewer, June 20, 2006,
How Does She Know My Life?
How did she know exactly how and why my marriage failed? Her description is so spot on it's hard to believe she did not even know me. Her insights are astounding, and oh, so helpful in my present, and nearly perfect, relationship with another Longline.
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A reviewer, a person with a great marriage, June 21, 2006,
It is a good book
I think that in the market of relationship books it is difficult to choose. I would choose this over most of the books on the subject. The technique used is one that isn't in every other book on relationships. If you are feeling like there are areas your marriage could improve this would be a good read. The graphics could use some work but overall the writing is almost storylike which helps to make the concepts and techniques more realistic for the typical person who needs help. I can't stand when a book proposes great ideas that don't work. This is an plan that can work for everyone who actually cares about changing and not just having their ego stroked. Overall I gave it four stars because the graphics aren't the best but the material is on point and it delivers what is promises. I hope this helped you in deciding. God Bless.
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A reviewer, June 18, 2006,
Great Book
I have just finished reading this book and it helped me find a type of person that would be perfect for me. I recommended this book to some of my friends and they also found it very helpful.

Lola, A reviewer, June 18, 2006,
An inspiring and exceptional book I will refer to for guidance the rest of my life. I recommend it to everyone.

Suzie, reader of every relationship book, June 18, 2006,
Single, engaged or married- this book helps!
I am happily married, but reading this book helped me understand why past relationships failed, and why this one works so well. It also helps me see the 'shorter lines' and 'longer lines' in my business relationships, and understand that matchlines are there too.
Also recommended: Little Altars Everywhere Ya-Yas in Bloom The Mitford Series

Marcus P. Zillman, M.S., A.M/. (zillman@vitualprivatelibrary.com), A reviewer, June 18, 2006,
Outstanding Resource ....
This is a truly an excellent book and true resource! This book describes and then gives you the tools that are necessary to discover the real you when it comes to understanding who is the best match for you! A must read for anyone truly interested in seeking the most appropriate match....

A reviewer, June 18, 2006,
This is a self-help page turner!
Matchlines is the first self help page turner, I couldnt put it down. I learned more from this book than any other 'relationship' self help I have ever read. It will not only change the way you look at your relationships, it will change your life. I highly recommend it. Dr. Barrow should be hailed as a leader in her field. The 'Matchline' theory is a very important discovery and one that all should experience and practice. Showing 1-15

Dr. Molly Barrow holds a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and is the author of the new book, “Matchlines: A Revolutionary New Way of Looking at Relationships and Making the Right Choices in Love,” ISBN 159507158X. She is an authority on relationship and psychological topics, a member of the American Psychological Association and a licensed mental health counselor. Dr. Molly has appeared as an expert in the film, My Suicide, documentaries Ready to Explode and KTLA Impact, NBC news, PBS In Focus, WBZT talk radio and in O Magazine, Psychology Today, Newsday, The Nest, MSN.com, Yahoo, Match.com, N Magazine, Women’s Health and Women’s World. Please visit: http://www.askdrmolly.com
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