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Monday, April 09, 2007

Stress Kills by relationship expert author and television radio guest Dr. Molly Barrow

Are you at your wits end? Do you feel suicidal or like giving up? Many people do not realize when ill health is sneaking up on them, a certain result of ignoring signals from your mind and body. When a person is stressed beyond their physical ability to recover or if their sleep is disturbed, the body begins to fail. An exhausted woman without hormones will feel so ill and foggy brained that even dying may seem like a sensible choice. An executive type with a strong personality may will their fatigued body into months of exertion without heeding its call to rest. Often the priority demands of family, money, business or competition make people desperate to hang on. I want you to let go of the pretentious stress and let your body rest. Suicidal thoughts and feeling tired when you awaken mean you have already passed your body's limit. You must stop the rat race and chill out. Have your hormonal and thyroid levels checked by a progressive physician. Stop working for two weeks and rest. Yes, it will be expensive, you may even lose what you are running so hard to hold on to but you must believe that you do have a physical limit. One that if you ignore and if you continue on, you may die. Your weakest link will fail you, your heart, your lungs or even your will to live. Most problems can be easily solved if a person is fresh from rest and recovery. Beating an exhausted prize race horse is cruel and stupid. Do you prize yourself? Yet, you may be forcing yourself beyond your limits. Take that two weeks off in an Arizona spa (or as close to a "spa" as you can get) and save your life, business or family.


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