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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Americans need to catch-up to Britain Relationship Expert Author and Television Radio Guest Dr. Molly Barrow

Dear Dr. Molly,

Re your column, it hits me in the face every time I return to Europe and see so many, many places where they are way, way ahead of the US in environmental awareness. Organic everything, low emissions, recycling, Fair Trade items offered and encouraged all the way down to the corner shops. Americans are, the Brits are quick to tell me, their cast-off Puritans, rigid and judgmental. Though meant as a mild jab, it has a lot of truth to it.

Grandmother in Oxford

Thank you for your letter. Our leadership has had other priorities, but if new leadership focuses on environmental changes I believe Americans will understand our environmental responsibility and do whatever is necessary to maintain our current lifestyle. I hope that also includes offering assistance with food, shelter, clean water and medical attention for others in need.


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