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Friday, April 27, 2007

John Tesh Quotes Relationship Expert Author Dr. Molly Barrow



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Things That Make People Swoon

"No matter what you may have heard, the secret to bringing sexy back isn’t Justin Timberlake. At least, that’s the word from Women’s Health magazine – they polled more than a thousand readers to find out what REALLY makes people swoon. Here are a few of the things they say work better than a pop song, every time.

Brushing someone’s hair. The scalp contains MILLIONS of nerve endings, and someone running a hairbrush – or their fingers – through your locks is a primitive form of nurturing that makes you feel loved. So, ask your honey to give you a head massage. Or even better – to wash your hair with warm water. This increases blood flow to your scalp and makes you feel even swoonier.
Women love it when you smell like soap. Dr. Molly Barrow is a psychotherapist and she says our olfactory system – which is the fancy term for our sense of smell – is one of the most powerful and direct links to our brain. You know how the smell of freshly baked pastries can make you hungry? Well, soap is just as powerful. Unlike a heavy cologne, which can block your natural scent, the smell of soap mixes with your pheromones. Those are chemicals your body produces that help attract women. And the combination of the two is very appealing to your sweetheart.
Eye contact. When a woman walks into a room, a man forms his opinion of how attractive she is based on what she does with her eyes. That’s according to researchers at Dartmouth University, who studied how eye contact affects our attitudes about people. So ladies, if a man catches your eye, take a deliberate look at him. Then, when he looks back at you - don’t turn your eyes away! Count “one Saskatchewan two Saskatchewan” and then break the gaze. If you do, the man will consider you more likeable and attractive than he would if you immediately turned your eyes away. Why? Because gazing into someone's eyes lights up the brain region that’s associated with reward."

Thank you to John Tesh for quoting Dr. Barrow and for his beautiful music.


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