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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Men's Impotency and Women's Menopause

Spouses have difficulty talking about their own lowered performance and desire as sexual partners. As partners age, experience illness or their hormones decline, making love can become a real problem. Yet, who wants to bring up the subject and hurt each other's feelings? However, the consequence of tip toeing around the elephant in the room can create emotional distance in an otherwise healthy and compatible relationship. When a man fails to get an erection on demand he may begin to avoid the possibility of a recurrence by avoiding his partner. Rather than suspecting a physical malfunction, he may look for increasingly more intense stimulation hoping that will recover his youthful vigor. Impotency is often based in failing hormones or medications like blood pressure medications. The desperate man may replace lovemaking with his wife with pornography, affairs with strangers, try younger partners or even other males in an attempt to keep himself in a state of arousal. Affairs with minors or pornography addiction are worst case scenarios. These behaviors can destroy your marriage and the trust of a long term partner. Some men do take the more difficult but higher road of telling their partner the truth. She may complain that it is because she is not so attractive or a few pounds too heavy but bring the conversation back to your health. Although impotency may be the symptom that is bothering you the most, lowered hormones in a man may pervasively rob him of his good health, muscle tone and sex drive just like menopause does for a woman, just different hormones. Call a progressive specialist familiar with male hormones, alternative medications, weight loss and exercise, and discover how sexy you and your spouse can be. Keep intimacy for just the two of you and restart the passion of earlier days.


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