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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Dr. Molly Barrow enters Sirrus Blues Contest Relationship expert and author of Matchlines: A Revolutionary New Way of Looking at Relationships and Mak

Tax time is not easy for most people. As a nation we are struggling with bankruptcies, college loans, and even big debts to China. Guess that we all have some Tax Blues. I wrote a song for Shemekia to sing in a Sirrus song writing contest about a poor guy who can't get started with that cardboard box of receipts at his feet. It is all in good fun and I hope that I win the contest!

"Everyone sings the blues around tax time, but not everyone gets to have them sung by blues diva Shemekia Copeland. As you collect those receipts and W-2s, get in touch with your inner blues and write some original lyrics for your tax-time blues. Email us your lyrics at taxblues@sirius-radio.com and Shemekia Copeland will sing the winning verse on her regular Saturday show. The winner of Beat the Tax-Time Blues gets a $500 check to help get straight with Uncle Sam." (Sirrus.com)

No Tax Blues to Claim

Molly Barrow

This tax scene’s obscene. I’m feeling damn mean.

It‘s April Fourteen. I’m drinking Jim Beam.

Can’t start on this pile, got one day to file.

Tax man’s awaitin’. Smell his evil smile?

Don’t understand taxes, computers or faxes

Got no kids, no car, don’t believe in war

Why I gotta pay for school, tanks and more?

Can’t read the crazy form, where’s that W-2?

They got my money, what else can I do?

Don’t understand taxes, computers or faxes

Just keep my money and leave me alone

Send me no letters and don’t try to phone

Pretend you don’t know me, I’ll do the same

Get free of you, with no tax blues to claim.

Don’t understand taxes, computers or faxes


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