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Sunday, December 10, 2006

PUT THE BREAKS ON HOLIDAY SPENDING Molly Barrow Matchlines Love Relationship Self Help

Your motive is very kind and generous but before you give a gift that you can not afford, ask yourself these three questions.

1. Do I need to impress someone with what I can buy?
2. Am I ashamed because I waited too long to shop and now I must buy something expensive because I will never find a good deal.
3. Is my company not enough to give to people I love.

Next year agree with your family to have a "debt-free" holiday. Make a list with your friends and family. Select two names each from the list and be in charge of their presents. Set an amount that everyone can afford, $10 or $50. Buy many little gifts or one big present but do not go over the dollar limit for each person.

No one should be slaving alone in the kitchen so have a great potluck dinner and exchange gifts over dessert. As a group give a little to the poor by buying a goat or water buffalo for a family through Heifer International. Think what a better lesson that would demonstrate to your children.

Maxing out a charge card is no way to celebrate the season of agape love. While you celebrate the Holidays, remember to love your self too, by sharing the workload and lowering everyone's expectations of spending and receiving expensive gifts.


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