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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Dr. Molly Barrow Radio Demo - Dr. Molly Minute - Abuse Wearing Affectionate Clothing

This is Dr. Molly with the Dr. Molly Minute.

Charles from Manhattan writes: "I’m feeling smothered by my girlfriend. How can I make her just back off a little without having to completely dump her?"

Your girlfriend is ignoring your signals to back off. She is being rude to you, not loving. If someone throws their arms around you and it gives you pleasure, then they are demonstrating their love to you. However, if it makes you uncomfortable or you hate the closeness, then that very same act is not giving love. Instead, this is more rape-like, a violation, a taking of their fill, satisfying their desires, at your expense. That is a form of abuse wearing affectionate clothing. Your girlfriend cannot let her needs dictate the amount of love she gives to you. If she has so much to give she needs to get a cat or more girlfriends but you deserve a break. You will find more on relationship balancing in my book Matchlines. This is Dr. Molly wishing you love.


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