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Friday, July 28, 2006

Overwhelming Stress by Relationship Expert Author and Television Radio Guest Dr. Molly Barrow

Stress- we all have it and most of the time we can handle it. But what happens when stressful events begin to overwhelm you? Stress is a silent killer and we need to pay attention. Dangerous stress can be many small events coming at you too quickly for you to recover or one huge event that rocks your world, like losing your job or a loved one. Let us first deal with the small events that begin to mount up and bury you. We have twenty-first century lifestyles that conflict with our caveman bodies that have evolved only slightly from the original form. When the stress begins to build up and you find yourself irritable and short tempered wolfing down caffeine and sugar just to keep going, take a moment to return to a visual image of yourself on a lazy afternoon swaying in a hammock with nothing to do, sipping a cool drink of pure water and breathe out hard the negatives and then breath in deeply into your lower chest and breath out hard the pain, breath again into your belly and breath out the fatigue, and now, once again feel your deep breath all the way into your thigh muscles and breath out the stress, let the stress go. This can be done in the restroom between meetings, at your desk, at a stoplight or as you are feeding your baby. Why this works is as the stress mounts we begin take shallow breaths in a tightly constricted chest that communicates to our body to shut down all repair work because we are in danger. The refreshing deep breaths signals the body that we are out of danger. This is such an effective tool that it is rumored to even help to reset your metabolism. Take three win-win breaths and mentally escape for 30 seconds to de stress your hectic lifestyle. Then make changes that remove the stress for good!
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Dr. Molly Barrow holds a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and is the author of the new book, “Matchlines: A Revolutionary New Way of Looking at Relationships and Making the Right Choices in Love,” ISBN 159507158X. She is an authority on relationship and psychological topics, a member of the American Psychological Association and a licensed mental health counselor. Dr. Molly has appeared as an expert in the film, My Suicide, documentaries Ready to Explode and KTLA Impact, NBC news, PBS In Focus, WBZT talk radio and in O Magazine, Psychology Today, Newsday, The Nest, MSN.com, Yahoo, Match.com, N Magazine, Women’s Health and Women’s World. Please visit: http://www.askdrmolly.com
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