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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Abused? Relationship Expert Author and Television Radio Guest Dr. Molly Barrow Advice

Were you a victim of childhood abuse?

When we are children, how we are treated by others helps to define our definition of who we are, our "self." If you were unfortunately in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong person and suffered abuse when you were a child, that is an event that happened to you. However, it is not your shame - it is the abuser's shame. The abuser bears all the burden of what transpires to a child. A child is innocent and hungry for love, and will take any road that leads to the affection and attention they crave. A child can be manipulated into believing they deserve abuse by older evil or sick adults.
If you are now an adult and still feel the heaviness of your tragic childhood it is time to make a change in your thinking. It is not our place to be revengeful and bitter, but I do I love the concept of Karma where bad deeds boomerang and return to hurt the perpetrator. I also love the idea of the agony that awaits the perpetrator as they attempt to explain and justify his or her cruelty to a higher power. But, sometimes in their lifetime the wicked escape discovery and punishment. The child grows up with often secret, post-traumatic stress from the abuse. Our goal is to minimize the residual damage and start living life fresh. To do this we have to lose the childhood definition of your "self" and replace it with an adult-perspective definition-one that you write. If you finish the sentence, " I am the kind of person who.... wins, loves, thrives, forgives, moves on, protects children, laughs and succeeds" then you begin to remake yourself the way you can be, not how you were. Redefine yourself not by what has been done to you but by the way you choose to live your life today.
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