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Monday, June 26, 2006

Relationship Expert Author and Television Radio Guest Dr. Molly Barrow to join cast of My Suicide film as Suicide Expert

Dr. Molly Barrow, licensed mental health counselor and author of the new self-help book on relationships and self esteem, Matchlines, has been asked to join the cast of My Suicide, as the Suicide Expert.

Regenerate Develops Edgy Teen Dark Comedy: Name Cast Joins Youth Movement In My Suicide Posted by derek on Wednesday, May 10, 2006 - 04:46 PM (63 Reads) Topic Regenerate News

While Regenerate continues to develop and produce exciting audio/visual programs in the teen driving safety arena, Regenerate has boldly begun to tackle another critical issue in the community – teen suicide. Once again, the issue was incubated amongst teenagers and noted experts to determine the best way to stop this senseless “silent killer.” Regenerate founder David Miller listened to those young people, many of whom have helped produce films for Regenerate’s traffic safety program, and decided to raise the bar considerably. Instead of a public service announcement or a short film for limited distribution, Miller decided to organize a feature motion picture team, raise the budget from independent sources and begin shooting a full-length movie. “My Suicide” is not an official Regenerate film, but its inspiration is the organization that has been saving teenagers on the nation’s highways for the last four years.
On the surface, “My Suicide” is an edgy teen film in the genre of Thirteen, Kids and Donnie Darko. However, while it entertains with an extraordinary blend of dark comedy, riveting drama and fantasy, it is also opening a door into a realistic aspect of teenage life today, as seen through the eyes of one extraordinarily vocal character – Archie Williams. Remember that name, because Archie may become the most illuminating character this teen generation has ever seen. He isn’t subtle or gentle about his observations into today’s teen psyche. But subtlety doesn’t solve the conundrum of teen suicide. This teen “Howard Beale” swears, rants, and raves about our media-obsessed society, but his observations hammer home the realities of teen life today and the 24/7 quest for relevancy, fulfillment and hope.
Actors Joe Mantegna (The Godfather Part III), David Carradine (Kill Bill Part 2), Mariel Hemingway (Manhattan) and Saturday Night Live’s Harry Shearer and Nora Dunn have joined the cast of My Suicide along with Dr. Barrow
David Lee Miller (Breakfast of Aliens) writes and directs. Eric J. Adams (Dolores Way) co-wrote the screenplay and produces with Todd Traina (Stanley’s Gig). Larry Janss (The Rites of Pwo), Steven Jay Rubin (Bleacher Bums) and Michael McDonough are the executive producers.

Can My Suicide actually save lives too? That’s the hope of writer/director Miller, who hopes the film will change attitudes toward suicide and simultaneously illuminate one of this country’s silent killers.
“No one talks about teen suicide, and yet it’s one of the deadliest killers of young people every year,” says Miller, who three years ago co-founded Regenerate after a plague of fatal traffic accidents involving teenagers devastating his community. “The kids aren’t talking about suicide, the parents are afraid to talk about it and professionals appear to be powerless. So how do you reach the teens?”
“It’s the only way to get the point across. This is a teenage ‘Harold and Maude,’ he explains. “a dark teen romantic comedy about suicide and the healing power of love. I’ve got to pack the film with entertainment value and most importantly, humor, authenticity and drama that’s straight from the hearts of teenagers.”
The film has been endorsed by Dr. Edwin Schneidman, the world’s leading authority on suicide prevention and the father of Suicidology. Schneidman also appears as himself in documentary style scenes psychoanalyzing Archie, the movie's fictional leading man. Schneidman says, “In all my years working in the field of suicide prevention, this is the most exciting film concept I’ve ever seen.””
(reprinted from www.regenerate.org)

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