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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Recycle, Communicate, Listen and Conserve!! Relationship expert Dr. Molly Barrow

I just received this email from laurie@stopglobalwarming.org.
I feel so frustrated that the beautiful earth as we have known it is slipping like sand through our fingers. The Live Earth concert kicked me in gear and I am recycling and much more aware. If you have not become part of the solution yet, then today is a good day to begin. Put down political or religious differences and let's clean up the earth.

The U.S. Geological Survey reported last week that two-thirds of the world's polar bears could vanish by 2050 if melting sea ice predictions prove accurate. Worse, sea ice in the Arctic might be disappearing faster than the computer models predict due to global warming, making the polar bear more imperiled.

It is clear global warming threatens polar bears with extinction and they need to be protected under the Endangered Species Act. Click here to add your voice in support of protecting polar bears and their critical habitat.

Click Here for the NY Times story on the report.

According to a recent Guardian story, the Arctic ice cap has collapsed at an unprecedented rate this summer and sea ice levels are now at record lows.

As the article explains, "Experts said they were "stunned" by the loss of ice, with an area almost twice as big as Britain disappearing in the last week alone. So much ice has melted this summer that the north-west passage across the top of Canada is fully navigable, and observers say the north-east passage along Russia's Arctic coast could open later this month. If the increased rate of melting continues, the summertime Arctic could be totally free of ice by 2030."

The loss of sea ice will not only threaten polar bears, other mammals and sea life, but could also accelerate global warming, since white ice deflects heat, and darker-colored waters absorb more heat.


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