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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Author and Wildlife Photographer Connie Bransilver Attends Dr. Molly Barrow Book Signing


Dr. Molly Barrow was honored to have the famous author and wildlife photographer Connie Bransilver attend her book signing in Naples FL. Internationally renowned nature and conservation photographer, author, and speaker, Connie Bransilver, is the author of Wild Love Affair: Essence of Florida’s Native Orchids, and Florida’s Unsung Wilderness: The Swamps and is an authority on nature photography. Bransilver has appeared as a conservation and photography expert on numerous television shows in the US and abroad, offering personal explorations of wilderness along with sound scientific analysis. Bransilver's fine art prints taken in all seven continents hang in institutions and private collections throughout the world. Bransilver is published internationally in books, magazines and television productions including National Geographic, BBC Wildlife Magazine, Outdoor Photographer, National Wildlife, Wildlife Conservation Society-NYC and Singapore, Australian Wildlife, Canadian Wildlife and Gulf Shore Life. Bransilver co-produced the popular PBS special Wild Chronicles with National Geographic. To view or purchase the work of Connie Bransilver or to schedule speaking engagements, please visit www.conniebransilver.com.

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