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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Dr. Molly Barrow Defends the Handicapped: Mentally and Emotionally Challenged Contenders on American Idol


Where is the voice of the Mental Health Community and other Bullying Organizations in defense of the mentally and emotionally handicapped on the powerful show American Idol? The concept is fun but the reality for some is simply victimization. Is only one therapist insisting that contestants be fully aware of the release that they sign? Will Idol producers stand up and defend those individuals who may be unable to comprehend fully that they have no chance of success. Do they have a professional psychiatrist helping those individuals? Is it right to use apparently sweet, innocent and perhaps, disabled young people as jokes to be ridiculed in front of millions of impressionable children. Ask yourself why you enjoy the victimization of someone who may be mentally challenged, and if you do not enjoy it, tell the producers why. Most importantly teach your children how to be kind to someone less fortunate, even if they are the only kid not laughing. You can make a difference.


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