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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Can a food allergy make you depressed? Dr. Molly Barrow Matchlines relationship self help

Do you ever feel utterly hopeless, left out of good times, success, fun and friends? But, if you step back, you have to admit your life is pretty great....so why do you still feel awful? Often we blame our relationship, parents, or friends for our emotional roller coaster. However, have you ever stopped to ask yourself what you just had to eat?

Some people react physically to food allergies with a variety of symptomatic disasters from acne to aches and pains, while others may react emotionally. Maybe that cappucchino is a milky depression pill. Wheat may be a reason to cry. Sugar could leave you crashed on the floor of despondency.

Keep a food diary to record everything you ingest and any subsequent reactions, both physical or mental. Let your doctor see your diary and discover any patterns that might point to a food allergy that lowers your smile and your emotions. Eliminate the culinary culprit and begin to enjoy your life again!


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